An advocate for the heroic effort, Jim helps leaders close the gaps between what sounds good and what gets done. Jim works with organizations to unleash the heroes in your midst.

Why Jim?

  • Engages and make connections with your audience through anecdotal stories, humor  and real-world examples
  • Develops content to connect to your goals or theme of your conference
  • Offers weekly post-event Follow-up Tips as part of his engagement
  • Will help promote your event to your attendees
  • Office is easy to work with, quick to respond and very flexible
  • Sticks around afterwards to answer questions and mingle with your attendees

Read About Jim's Guiding Principles below:

Too Much Theory; Too Little Effort

Current professional development literature and training place great emphasis on principles, philosophies and theories. While most of them sound good, the missing ingredient is behavior. What do effective leaders and engaged employees do?

  • How do leaders create or fine-tune dynamic cultures?
  • What steps can leaders take to expand employee engagement?
  • What does employee engagement look like?
  • What are examples of heroic and victim behavior, and how do we get more of one and less of the other?
  • How do leaders and employees develop the mental discipline needed to achieve & sustain success?

Winning – From the Inside Out

Winning, regardless of how we define it, is a two-dimensional process:

  • The mechanical dimension – our behavioral choices; the things we do
  • The mental dimension – our often unconscious—but powerful—mental choices that drive our behavior

For those committed to achieving and sustaining success, self-mastery precedes skills mastery. Self-mastery is a process that includes answers to the following questions:

  • What steps can we take to acknowledge the mental choices we make and the behaviors those choices support?
  • How can we identify mental choices that would drive better behaviors (more heroes & fewer victims)
  • What process can we use to replace emotional victimhood with emotional accountability?