Leadership Mentoring with Jim

A few examples of the challenges Jim can tackle with you

  • Replacing ineffective leaders (managers)
  • Older employees negatively influencing younger ones
  • Retaining the loyalty of employees not selected for leadership positions
  • Internal conflicts (between leadership team members)
  • Dealing with managers who make bad decisions
  • Board members who undermine leaders’ credibility
  • Employees who incite others to challenge leaders’ decisions


What you can You Expect From Jim’s Leadership Mentoring


  • On situations in which employee performance is critical to your organization’s success
  • On your objectives for these situations
  • On the types of employee behavior required to achieve those objectives


  • The specific things you will do to get the behavior you expect and achieve your objectives for these situations
  • The specific things you will do to facilitate continuous process and performance improvements


  • Improved employee performance
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Improved overall organizational performance


How The Mentoring Process Works

  • Initial assessment to create a customized agenda
  • Two 45 minute mentoring calls/month for 6 months (minimum)
  • Client may record each  call
  • Additional white papers, follow-up tips
  • Unlimited email access to Jim for the duration of the process


I could not be more pleased with your insight, coaching and ideas on handling situations for my development and helping me develop co-op leaders.
— Kathi Calvert, Houston County Electric Cooperative