Why Do Some People Step Up and Others Step Back?

Jim Bearden, CSP, works with companies to unleash the heroes in their organizations. He helps dedicated leaders close the gap between what sounds good and what gets done. His expertise lies in helping influence the Heroes' choice.

  • What makes people step up when others won't?
  • How can we influence our team members to make the bold move?
  • What can we do to enhance employee engagement?

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The leaders' role is to make it safe to be a hero. It's all about facilitating the hero in all of us. How can we do that? By creating a Hero-Friendly Environment. Once you dedicate to leadership, you can inspire others to take initiative and step up to facilitate solutions.

Jim brings his Leadership, Sales and Personal Accountability concepts to life for audience members. His aggressive, after-the-event follow-up process helps clients and their staff adapt and implement the concepts included in his Keynote Presentations, Leadership Development Training Seminars,  Sales Training Programs,and Strategic Planning Programs . To request specific program information and availability click here.

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I've been getting nothing but rave reviews of your presentation to our employees. We had six pages worth of freeform comments from participants. All references to your presentation were over the top positive. Six employees made particular note that this event was the best training exercise we’ve ever hosted.    Dan McGowen

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